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  • The lead investigator said treatment could be possible within two years.
  • In addition an investigator can also design and build a special purpose instrument.
  • She's a natural born investigator who still has a lot to learn about politics and family.
  • The investigator took them home instead and kept them until he found out about the Review Board.
  • The movie traces how his family and a private investigator work to find out what had happened.
  • The story follows the conflict between mother and daughter, not the crime investigator.
  • He becomes a private investigator to pay the mortgage, despite having no training.
  • To make matters worse, the study's chief investigator never revealed his conflict of interest.
  • Such units were not commercially available, so each investigator had do try to make their own.
  • After traveling through the other world and returning, the investigator can try to close the gate.
  • Thus the investigator has to face the question: how close to stationary is close enough?
  • After he had completed his studies the most vital social questions found in him an earnest investigator.
  • He later worked as a private investigator, personal trainer, and manager of a rock band.
  • It was this experience which gave him the material which he incorporated into The Investigator.
  • Jones makes a living as a private investigator, only doing jobs for other members of/within the intelligence community.
  • Jaeger has been killed too and the Investigator now makes sense of the situation.
  • Usually the outside party is a local County Mental Health representative called an investigator.
  • He, a career criminal investigator, is the youngest-ever to hold that post.
  • A state standard of level I and level II fire investigator certification was developed.
  • The investigator claims plant employees were also seen throwing around dead birds just for fun.
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Meaning of investigator

  • noun Someone who investigates