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  • After a two-year investigation no one was held responsible for his death.
  • The find was announced to the press during the second week of investigation.
  • Government officials said that they saw no reason to begin a new investigation.
  • He is now free to leave Italy but he is still under investigation.
  • Other less common materials are also in use or under investigation.
  • A second investigation was carried out by an international group.
  • Most crime drama focus on crime investigation and does not feature the court room.
  • This allows the continued use of the network during the investigation.
  • Doing this in advance would save time and resources that could be used on the investigation.
  • However the court did not suggest or demand any follow up investigation into this matter.
  • The on-site investigation was scheduled to take four to seven days.
  • The European Commission and national competition authorities have wide on-site investigation powers.
  • The period of the investigation could last for several months or, in some extreme cases, years.
  • Under the present circumstances, do you think we should undertake a full-scale investigation? Cited from The Revolt on Venus, by Carey Rockwell
  • Only five investigation teams are still supported, though data is collected for two additional instruments.
  • Only scientific investigation can show which is more likely to be correct.
  • If you learn anything, we'll start a full-scale investigation. Cited from The Revolt on Venus, by Carey Rockwell
  • He covered the appeal and second trial, and also developed material from a background investigation.
  • Several other drugs are also used and many are under investigation.
  • The controversy was now public and the army had no choice but to open an investigation.
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Meaning of investigation

  • noun The work of inquiring into something thoroughly and systematically