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  • He is going around investigating the people whose names have turned up in the trial.
  • The lack of source material does not help when investigating such issues.
  • The lack of source-material does not help when investigating such issues.
  • Each house put five of its members on the investigating committee.
  • However, the authorities do not seem to be investigating the case further.
  • Police services commonly include units for investigating crimes committed by the police themselves.
  • At one stage it involved dozens of investigating officers from four different forces.
  • He spent over a year investigating the source of the third type of static.
  • Scenes of the band were mixed with scenes of police investigating a crime scene.
  • Investigating this effect, he created the device named after him.
  • They are also investigating the 12th-century planned town at the foot of the castle hill.
  • These are less common in social psychology but are sometimes used when first investigating a phenomenon.
  • The investigating judge initially concluded there was too little evidence to proceed with the case.
  • Journalists write reports about current events after investigating them and gathering information.
  • In those years, he refused to support a permanent congressional committee investigating un-American activities.
  • She also collaborated on basic research into models investigating whether the universe is closed or open.
  • He takes over Dean's office and learns his trade while investigating the office staff.
  • When investigating, working for the attorney is equivalent to any German police in civil issues.
  • These and several other accusations brought public and political pressure to the investigating agencies.
  • The organization played an important role in investigating the French Resistance.
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Root form of investigating is investigate for the verb.

Synonyms of investigating

Meaning of investigating

  • verb Investigate scientifically
    Let's investigate the syntax of Chinese
  • verb Conduct an inquiry or investigation of
    The district attorney's office investigated reports of possible irregularities, inquire into the disappearance of the rich old lady