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  • The island became their home, so they invested in it more heavily than any other power.
  • Former race director said that the cities often earn ten times the money they invested.
  • He has invested his time in research within the field of healing through music.
  • From there they invested part of their time in the construction of roads, beginning expansion.
  • If the employees own a portion of the local business, they will also have more invested in its success.
  • He invested in the bank as a result of being very impressed with its management team and capital structure.
  • In more developed economies additional capital is invested in primary means of production.
  • This I grant them through the power of God with which I am invested.
  • You will be invested with the highest dignity that can fall to the lot of man.
  • The provincial government says the money was invested in public works.
  • It was built shortly before the siege so it did not have as much time invested in its protection.
  • He often invested heavily in them; his success made him wealthy.
  • Eventually the local council invested in water and electrical services and so people started to build more substantial houses.
  • In theory, supreme power in the party was invested in the Party Congress.
  • He also invested significant effort into bringing new technology such as the railways into Austria.
  • Two other acts still had to take place before he was invested with the full regal authority and power.
  • Optimistic residents who had invested money in the bank until the day before it closed lost everything they had.
  • Although some local residents invested in the bridge, Collins ran short of money before he could complete it.
  • As time passed, these cities invested more in the systems they already had, increasing the cost of any conversion.
  • The city invested heavily in the sports complex and continues to subsidize its operations each year.
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Root form of invested is invest for the verb.

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Synonyms of invested

Meaning of invested

  • verb Make an investment
    Put money into bonds
  • verb Furnish with power or authority; of kings or emperors
  • verb Provide with power and authority
    They vested the council with special rights