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  • Also, the club invested more and more value on a good football youth work.
  • As we demand more than ever from our schools, we should invest more than ever in our schools. Cited from State of the Union, William J. Clinton
  • The show invested more time in their relationship towards the season two finale.
  • He now invested more value in unplanned elements in his work of that time.
  • Additionally, they invest more energy per unit time than females throughout each breeding season.
  • He had demanded that that the club invest more money in the squad.
  • On the other hand, a well-developed nation may be capable of investing more into the arts and sciences.
  • As time passed, these cities invested more in the systems they already had, increasing the cost of any conversion.
  • This movement or field was particularly boosted by federal policy to invest more in national and community service.
  • He invested more in education and health care, and implemented some tax cuts.
  • This also allows parents to invest more resources per child, leading to better health and educational outcomes.
  • Wind-exposed trees invest more of their resources to increasing strength than to growth, compared to non-wind exposed trees.
  • This meant that they could invest more in their operations, which led to increased productivity in the area.
  • Based upon the cost of such efforts, managers identified the right channel to invest more for distribution.
  • They also agreed to invest more of the money for dramatic productions.
  • In late 1991, the group invested more money into production than was covered by returns.
  • This method of gameplay would have required the player to invest more time in order to complete the story mode.
  • Since its founding, it has invested more than $6bn in European real estate.
  • Sako Polumenta invested more money into this project than in any other album he recorded.
  • By late 1991, the group had invested more money into production than was covered by returns.
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