Invest KOREA

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  • KOTRA currently operates Invest KOREA, the national investment promotion agency.
  • Invest KOREA works in collaboration with its network of 39 overseas branch offices called Korea Business Centers, which are located in the financial and industrial centers of the world.
  • Invest KOREA provides a service that allows foreign investors to join over 245 of the Fortune Global 500 who have selected Korea as an investment destination.
  • Invest KOREA's Korea Business Centers (KBCs) are located in overseas markets which have potential as a source of foreign investment into Korea.
  • Invest Korea Plaza (IKP) is Korea's first business incubation center devoted exclusively to the promotion of the entry of foreign business into Korea.
  • Invest Korea Journal subscribers include executives of foreign-invested companies, embassies and public corporations in Korea, as well as actual and potential investors and key audiences overseas.
  • The Centers are staffed by Invest KOREA employees who are dispatched from head office for a period generally ranging from three to four years, as well as local staff who possess insight into the local market, and connections to the regional business community.
  • Within Invest Korea Plaza is the Investment Consulting Center (ICC), which is dedicated to providing information and business and living services for foreign investors and their families during their time in Korea.
  • Invest KOREA implements government policies on foreign investment that have been formulated by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy and coordinated by the Foreign Investment Committee, which is chaired by the Minister of Knowledge Economy.
  • Originally initiated as the Korea Investment Service Center (KISC) in 1998, the agency was relaunched as Invest KOREA in November 2003 to support foreign investors with an expanded range of services.
  • Invest KOREA's predecessor, the Korea Investment Service Center (KISC) was established in 1998 in the wake of the 1997 Asian financial crisis as part of the liberalization of the Korean investment regime.
  • To take advantage of the era of E-Commerce, KOTRA launched the interactive internet portal sites of Invest KOREA Online (formerly Cyber KISC) in 2003 and BuyKorea in 2004.