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  • The research gave him the idea to try his own hand at investing.
  • The island became their home, so they invested in it more heavily than any other power.
  • They decided to invest in a new company he wanted to start.
  • He would later go on to invest in a number of real estate holding companies.
  • But you can invest in the importance of who is going to turn up.
  • Former race director said that the cities often earn ten times the money they invested.
  • He has invested his time in research within the field of healing through music.
  • The schools are notable for the amount of money they invest in technology.
  • It also invests in hotel development, as well as hotel and club management.
  • He originally went into real estate investing in order to provide an income so he could continue teaching.
  • They typically are led by an adult who has vast experience in professional investing.
  • He now makes his living investing in start-up companies.
  • Every one invests his money, and turns it over to the best of his powers. Cited from Poor Relations, by Honore de Balzac
  • The government has been investing heavily to build schools and institutions of higher learning.
  • Since they can no longer bear young of their own, these females invest in the current young.
  • Finding great success in the real estate business, he pursued real estate investing full-time.
  • From there they invested part of their time in the construction of roads, beginning expansion.
  • If one doesn't have money, one can't invest to make money.
  • High levels of education among its residents make the country an attractive investing location.
  • But it is either a man's natural character or his age which invests him with authority. Cited from The Orations of Marcus Tullius Cicero, Volume 4, by Cicero
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Meaning of invest

  • verb Make an investment
    Put money into bonds
  • verb Furnish with power or authority; of kings or emperors
  • verb Provide with power and authority
    They vested the council with special rights