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  • Over one-half of the population on the west side of the river was inundated.
  • Some areas were inundated by up to of water as a result of the storm.
  • The area around the city could not be inundated, and offered the enemy many places to set up camp.
  • This is water sufficient to inundate thirty-three square miles of level country ten feet deep in twenty-four hours. Cited from Farmers of Forty Centuries, by F. H. King
  • The entire district was inundated with several feet of water and a major fire destroyed eleven historic buildings.
  • As the water deepened the higher areas became islands before they finally became inundated.
  • At the water's highest point, four feet of water inundated the old restaurant.
  • She was inundated by gifts and letters, even months after leaving the show.
  • The name perhaps refers back to a time before most of the islands' area was inundated.
  • The speed at which a site becomes inundated can have major effects on the condition of the remains.
  • Minor damage was also reported as a few homes were inundated with up to of water.
  • All the blood shed there would make a red river, inundating the plain. Cited from The Last Shot, by Frederick Palmer
  • Floods can inundate such development at high financial cost and often with loss of life.
  • The practice had been inundated with smoke for the past two days.
  • It inundates a vast area of the low country surrounding the station. Cited from The Transgressors, by Francis A. Adams
  • Some areas of the city were also inundated with up to of water due to storm tide.
  • The high water only allowed passage by canoe and inundated fields surrounding the town.
  • Seedlings die if inundated for more than about two to four weeks.
  • During construction, nine villages were inundated and a major railway and road relocated.
  • Supposedly, he saw his family's land inundated by the sea and became a religious.
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Root form of inundated is inundate for the verb.

Meaning of inundated

  • verb Fill or cover completely, usually with water