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  • Intuitively he knew that his words would no longer come with power. Cited from The Lions of the Lord, by Harry Leon Wilson
  • He seemed to know intuitively that it would be left where he put it. Cited from The Shadow of the East, by E. M. Hull
  • Intuitively, there are many cases where people do want to take the numbers involved into account.
  • Those providing and looking for information, goods and services can thus intuitively come together.
  • We are intuitively bound to believe that an effect can not be greater than its cause. Cited from A Trip Abroad, by Don Carlos Janes
  • She felt intuitively that something terrible was to come to her mother because of those cases. Cited from By the Light of the Soul, by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman
  • He appeared surprised to meet her, yet she knew intuitively that he had been following her. Cited from Constance Dunlap, by Arthur B. Reeve
  • He seemed almost intuitively to read the public thought and feeling. Cited from From Canal Boy to President, by Horatio Alger, Jr.
  • After this dream her mother intuitively knew that she would give birth to a divine being.
  • He could only wonder and wait, for he felt intuitively that he must not speak. Cited from When A Man's A Man, by Harold Bell Wright
  • One way to understand this process intuitively is by thinking through two different markets.
  • But, intuitively, I felt that this would interest me in a very special manner. Cited from Room in the Dragon Volant, by J. Sheridan LeFanu
  • She has said that Singer had put into words what she had felt intuitively for a long time.
  • He also felt that it helped him connect more intuitively with the natural world.
  • She made up her mind that she would buy quickly, intuitively. Cited from Fanny Herself, by Edna Ferber
  • Intuitively she knew that he was fighting a battle with himself. Cited from The Splendid Folly, by Margaret Pedler
  • These church-groups seemed to understand intuitively that a little separation was a good thing. Cited from Little Journeys. . .Great Reformers, by Hubbard
  • Intuitively she had something more than a suspicion that he had led her on to say these very words. Cited from The Pit, by Frank Norris
  • She intuitively felt that he was beginning to love her. Cited from Nedra, by George Barr McCutcheon
  • Intuitively, she saw how he had suffered since the night he came to her to make it right, if he could. Cited from A Spinner in the Sun, by Myrtle Reed
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Meaning of intuitively

  • adverb In an intuitive manner
    inventors seem to have chosen intuitively a combination of explosive and aggressive sounds as warning signals to be used on automobiles