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  • Since the last change the up direction is now completely intuitive.
  • Despite its intuitive design and use of color, the game was not a sales success.
  • The result is not intuitive, since the original fixed point may become mobile when another fixed point appears.
  • The first is when the intuitive general principles conflict in particular cases.
  • Its main goal is to provide professional yet simple and intuitive pattern-based drum programming.
  • On the other hand, an intuitive feeling of free will could be mistaken.
  • Emboldened names are traditional so while not intuitive, are among the most well-used.
  • This simple form does have the virtue of being quite intuitive.
  • This is particularly intuitive if one views closed sets as properties that a point x may or may not have.
  • The intuitive approach might also lead to individual positions being treated for much shorter or longer periods.
  • However, this intuitive analysis does not take account of the fact that all three sets are infinite.
  • Modern probability provides a formal version of this intuitive idea, known as the law of large numbers.
  • Brothers in Arms is notable for its intuitive command system.
  • In so doing, he discovered a number of surprising or counter-intuitive features of road systems.
  • It has been suggested that eager would be a more intuitive term in this context.
  • A great deal of care was taken to make the gameplay intuitive so that players could easily start to play the game.
  • Many engineers working with bar codes had little experience with such things and used somewhat intuitive methods.
  • These are considerable works of civil engineering and require some skill and intuitive understanding as well as good engineering.
  • As counter intuitive as this seems, he provides examples of why this is the case.
  • They may also be used in designing computers and software for more intuitive human use.
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