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  • Each story has an introductory page giving some of its original history.
  • The title story was especially written for the collection as an introductory story.
  • In the second year students take introductory courses in all four areas of fine arts.
  • There may also be a break between the introductory material and the feature.
  • Further introductory information is found in the article on order theory.
  • Study circles may be introductory level, advanced level, or any level in between.
  • His introductory speech in the first episode of the second series makes everyone laugh.
  • Clubs provide introductory education and training, as well as competition programs.
  • The first year provides general education alongside introductory knowledge of the vocational area.
  • The player starts in Japan in a single introductory level in this location.
  • The evening includes an introductory talk about the evening's opera.
  • There is also a Music Technology program featuring three introductory classes and an advanced class.
  • When players join a level for the first time, an introductory video shows how to complete its objectives.
  • The use of an introductory flashback has been used in almost all following episodes.
  • The magazine also had introductory theory articles in every issue.
  • The introductory cut scene of the game details the game's plot.
  • He also wrote and co-wrote introductory Latin and English grammar text books.
  • It may be replaced by one or other of two other forms of introductory penitential act.
  • It continues to be a required text for introductory classes in art history for American students to this day.
  • Courses such as physical and life science serve as introductory alternatives to those classes.
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