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  • Intriguingly, the show is still available in its repeated format online.
  • Intriguingly he took with him the painting of himself and his wife, but left his wife to face his debtors.
  • Intriguingly, the design of these boats closely matches the design used in Peru.
  • Intriguingly, one of the payments he made during that time was to a poor woman for bringing two dogs to him.
  • Several ran intriguingly 'parallel' to the illegal acts he had been charged with.
  • Intriguingly, it has been observed that this line of sight forms the setting point of the sun on the summer solstice.
  • Intriguingly these are the same three colours as basic stamp denominations used across Australia.
  • Australia's New Theatre company described the play as "one of the most intriguingly original plays in Australian theatre history."
  • Intriguingly, under the western wall is the spine of a horse or cow and other bones.
  • Intriguingly he accomplished his overseas empire-building at a time when his country strictly prohibited the export of currency.
  • Intriguingly, these children not only had more behavioral problems in response to low quality care, they also had the least problems of all children when having a history of high quality care.
  • Intriguingly, the two parish churches share the same churchyard.
  • Intriguingly, the benefits of mixed-item blocks are apparent only some period of time after practice, indicating that the effects are primarily long-term.
  • Intriguingly, Lucullus may further have been the son of the British prince Adminius.
  • But the venerable incongruity of the writer and his work confronted her intriguingly. Cited from The Rivet in Grandfather's Neck, by James Branch Cabell
  • Intriguingly, this effect brings into question the very notion of consciousness or free will, and should be considered as part of a person's overall reaction time to events.
  • Intriguingly, while tongs are needed for a great deal of blacksmithing, much work can be done by mere holding the cold end with one's bare hand.
  • The match was intriguingly poised, but rain ruined a potentially interesting finish, as no play was possible on day four and the match was drawn.
  • Steve Tikolo, the top-scorer from the last match, was intriguingly dropped.
  • Intriguingly enough a quantity of Blacksmiths tools were found during recent re-building work on the land adjoining Colret House.
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