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  • The stories that the student is writing soon become intertwined with each other.
  • His history within both series is intertwined back and forth in a unique fashion.
  • The film is divided up into three stories which gradually intertwine with each other.
  • Human interest stories intertwined with the political issues and the characters' personal lives.
  • He saw the economy as one whole directed by the state and not many parts intertwined.
  • Anderson uses her own experience which often intertwines itself into the life of her characters.
  • Racing's history has always been closely intertwined with local business and politics.
  • The series also followed their personal lives, which sometimes became intertwined with their jobs.
  • The story takes place involving three intertwined stories told by friends who all go to the same school.
  • New and to-be-released current music of popular and alternative interest is also played and intertwined.
  • It has become intertwined with the lives of its inhabitants and the place itself.
  • There are two distinct time-lines intertwined throughout most of the film.
  • She is known for her characters and the way their lives intertwine through all of her novels.
  • They were found dead the next morning, their bodies still intertwined.
  • She began intertwining her fingers, and would not look up at him. Cited from A Cumberland Vendetta, by John Fox Jr.
  • His life soon becomes intertwined with those of the other residents.
  • As seems to be her fate, her life and the life of her town are again intertwined.
  • These stories are intertwined and eventually lead to a main story involving most of the cast.
  • Tom, the character most intertwined with the fire-escape, has appeared on the fire-escape more often than others.
  • The film intertwines five separate stories of people whose lives are touched by organized crime.
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How intertwine gets used

Meaning of intertwine

  • verb Spin,wind, or twist together
    intertwine the ribbons, Twine the threads into a rope, intertwined hearts