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  • The film was one of the first to feature an interracial love scene.
  • She wanted to create interracial peace within her home that she wished to see in the outside world.
  • They usually placed an interracial pair in the white-area of the bus.
  • Its target group for this service is the members of interracial marriage families.
  • Lipton has noted their interracial marriage sometimes created problems when they traveled together.
  • The majority of reported cases are of white and interracial children.
  • He began to teach art, and performed with an interracial dance company.
  • One home had been sold to an African-American family and the other to an interracial couple.
  • The phenomenon of cross-cultural and interracial marriage has been present in Canada for some years.
  • It was the first South African play performed with an interracial cast.
  • His research found only one incident of interracial union.
  • He remembered the history of his nation, especially in his arguments concerning interracial marriage.
  • During the same episode, he is accused of being against interracial relationships.
  • This story is about a husband and wife discussing the issue of interracial marriage.
  • Indeed, most of the important union events and meetings took place in interracial settings.
  • Interracial marriages between European men and Indian women were very common during colonial times.
  • Ward wrote several plays and short stories, most of which were never published, some because she expressed issues of interracial culture.
  • Due to segregation in high schools, a lot of college students find themselves having their first interracial contact in college.
  • Her character was part of the first interracial romance ever shown on daytime television.
  • It was the first recorded interracial marriage in American history.
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