internal exile

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  • After her release she spent another nine years in internal exile.
  • The island was used to house political prisoners in internal exile during the 1930s.
  • Within five years, he had quarrelled with the author and sent him into internal exile.
  • Five years later, she was sent into internal exile, and died of heart problems in 1964.
  • She was sentenced to six years in prison and three years of internal exile within the Soviet Union.
  • Some of these artistic and cultural figures were situated more or less precisely in the so-called internal exile.
  • She was sentenced to one year in prison, followed by five years of internal exile under surveillance.
  • The government released the amnestees into internal exile in remote areas, without any right to return to their original places of settlement.
  • He returned to Sacile, the town where he still had to serve the remainder of his internal exile.
  • Many religious leaders were sent to internal exile camps.
  • Thousands of militants, including all the leaders, were put in jail or sent into internal exile.
  • The album was followed by a tour, which was significantly longer than the previous tour promoting Internal Exile.
  • She was sentenced to four years of internal exile.
  • The rest of his prison sentence was changed to ten years of internal exile because he had settled without permission of the Russian authorities.
  • He gained release from the internal exile that year, and wrote anonymously in Rome to earn money.
  • In 1932, he was imprisoned and sent to internal exile for his political action.
  • Instead, he was sentenced to six years of internal exile in Kazakhstan.
  • He was sentenced to fifteen years in the Soviet forced labor camps with a following period of five years' internal exile.
  • And the wives and children [of the traitors] shall be sent into internal exile.
  • He was released from prison in 1962, sent into internal exile to a village near Slobozia.
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