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  • A single set of ring stations would result in a very intermittent flow.
  • He would return in later seasons as an intermittent main character.
  • The character had been intended to be intermittent, but gradually appeared more frequently until she became a regular.
  • However, it is considered that only intermittent human occupation occurred at this time.
  • Several key terms are useful for understanding the issue of intermittent power sources.
  • She would not record for another five years, and her recording pattern became increasingly intermittent.
  • However, their use is frequently limited by their intermittent nature.
  • After several months of intermittent recording, the album was finally deemed complete.
  • They suffered intermittent serious financial problems throughout their lives.
  • During this period he found intermittent work in a number of jobs and also made money as a street singer.
  • Throughout high school, he competed in junior tennis and enjoyed some intermittent success.
  • Intermittent attacks continued on both sides even after the Civil War.
  • In the late 1960s he began an intermittent involvement in the film industry.
  • Though all four guns fell silent, one continued intermittent, though inaccurate, fire through the second day.
  • He said that for these reasons he maintained an intermittent membership in the League.
  • Despite intermittent bouts of illness, he continued working and produced further books over the next nine years.
  • But operation of the college was intermittent and no degrees were awarded.
  • At the end of two hours of intermittent observation, this ship later disappeared from sight.
  • It is an intermittent river and crosses the entire municipality, including the town itself.
  • New France had been under intermittent attack throughout the 17th century.
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