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  • Radio is broadcast throughout the country, including some parts of the interior.
  • The interior region of the eye pattern is called the eye opening.
  • This was the first step in opening up the vast interior.
  • He rarely spoke, so little of his interior life is known.
  • Seeking to bring art into every house, they often designed interiors and books.
  • The collection of interior points is the interior of the surface which is always non-empty.
  • This allows for a reduced need for interior columns thus creating more floor space.
  • The interior room measures approximately high by wide by deep.
  • The remains are open to the public and there is a charge for entry to the interior remains.
  • The interiors of these new cars were of a more modern design than the older cars.
  • While their population centers were along the coast, the settlements were growing into the interior.
  • Nevertheless, it has a well-defined interior structure, described below.
  • Some of the interior appointments may be reduced or removed to save weight.
  • This force is under the authority of both the Defense and the Interior Ministry.
  • Free exhibitions often are held on the first floor, which also provides some opportunity to see the interior design.
  • In the interior, the situation is very different.
  • There were other effects as well: Their trade with the interior was interrupted.
  • However, the interior structure of each element is not visible in this mode of operation.
  • This was unique as usually a ship would have several interior designers.
  • Most interior scenes are shot in the adjoining purpose-built studio.
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Meaning of interior

  • adjective Situated within or suitable for inside a building
    an interior scene, interior decoration, an interior bathroom without windows