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  • Info In projects, an interim report is often compiled to analyze how the project is proceeding, before its final completion. more...
  • The position was appointed by the government to rule during the interim period.
  • The interim administration had just established control over much of the central and southern parts of the country.
  • In these cases, an interim leadership is usually what is best for the company.
  • Until such a convention came into force, interim measures were to be taken.
  • He also began a formative campaign but soon announced he would continue as interim leader instead.
  • On each day during the interim four films are presented.
  • It was several years before the album was released and it is unknown how much the material was changed in the interim.
  • To control the situation, the interim government gave special shoot-to-kill powers to the security forces.
  • In the interim he had killed seven additional women.
  • Taylor refused to work with the interim government and continued war.
  • Prior to his presidency, he was the minister of foreign affairs in the interim government.
  • In the interim, a third aircraft of the type was ordered.
  • In other sports, the term "interim manager" is more commonly used.
  • In the interim, he did not abandon his plans to go to America.
  • Looking back, we wonder sometimes how some of those interims of our waiting time were bridged. Cited from The Brighton Boys with the Flying Corps, by James R. Driscoll
  • This left the receiver's time off by a second in the interim.
  • He later served as interim national president of the Christian Heritage Party of Canada.
  • The team was owned by his father, and he had been doing promotional work for them in the interim.
  • An interim leader also assumes any political roles that would be held by a permanent leader of their party.
  • Interim air-quality improvement measures will be necessary due to the project delays.
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Meaning of interim

  • noun The time between one event, process, or period and another
    meanwhile the socialists are running the government