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  • The Commission is an intergovernmental body made up of states rather than individuals.
  • Various agencies have been set up to deal with the intergovernmental problems of the region.
  • There are several different reasons a state may choose membership in an intergovernmental organization.
  • An intergovernmental collaboration platform called the Irish Sea Region has also been set up.
  • The agency shall become the very first intergovernmental organization on a global scale dedicated to global environmental protection.
  • The distinction between intergovernmental and international university is similar to the one between intergovernmental organization and international organization.
  • He also worked in the fields of intergovernmental affairs, economic development, labour market policy and demographic analysis.
  • As a result, only intergovernmental universities are subjects of international law.
  • In addition, members of the Board represent the County on numerous intergovernmental agencies.
  • Intergovernmental organizations are an important aspect of public international law.
  • He is currently serving as director of intergovernmental relations for the City of Seattle.
  • Thus, the transfer system can promote efficiency in the public sector and can level the field for intergovernmental competition.
  • An intergovernmental agreement was also signed to establish a nuclear science and technology center in Vietnam.
  • It does apply, however, to treaties between states within an intergovernmental organization.
  • These national meetings focus on policy issues, intergovernmental issues, and economic trends.
  • Almost all private claims have now been resolved; but several intergovernmental claims are still before the Tribunal.
  • The same position was advocated by several high-level expert groups and intergovernmental committees during the following years.
  • In 1929 it became an intergovernmental organization, the first such organization in the field of education.
  • He is also well known for his presentations and lectures on human rights at various intergovernmental and academic institutions.
  • After the election, he served as his party's critic for transportation, conservation and intergovernmental affairs.
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