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  • Those below the five houses were each separate; the others were mostly interconnected.
  • At this time there is no directly interconnecting rail service between the three lines.
  • The research group is organized into five main interconnecting research areas.
  • These green areas are interconnected with others throughout the city, which add to a certain community spirit.
  • At least one of these networks is present in every state and they interconnect most major cities.
  • These stories never fully interconnect in the normal manner of a novel.
  • While each release has its own unique theme, many of the major releases interconnect.
  • What began as a three-building campus grew into a diverse system of interconnected facilities.
  • By its nature, its operation is interconnected with the criminal law power.
  • All available space are interconnected and on ground level and column free.
  • The book is divided into five interconnected chapters, which read like short stories.
  • Land-use development and planning is interconnected to other local government assets and work activities.
  • The huge set was built as one complete, interconnecting structure instead of in separate locations.
  • The book consists of a series of short stories that are interconnected.
  • The buildings have been built into the mountain and are interconnected.
  • There are three interconnected buildings in the school, one for each grade.
  • Find out how music, fame and dreams interconnect the love and lives of the four main characters.
  • To the west of the station, the three lines are interconnected at sets of points.
  • The main facility itself is a large structure of interconnecting buildings, typical of a hospital complex.
  • A beautiful network of interconnected lakes makes a fishing day a wild journey.
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Meaning of interconnect

  • verb Cause to be interconnected or interwoven