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  • She is also known for her intensive method-inspired research into her roles.
  • This economic co-operation is often considered as the most intensive in Europe.
  • The first term is intensive, i.e. it does not scale with system size.
  • He was listed in serious condition and was in the intensive care unit.
  • Williams students often take the winter study term to study abroad or work on intensive research projects.
  • At this point, intensive development was more important than basic research.
  • All of these techniques are limited to working only in settled areas and are quite labour-intensive.
  • Third term is neither extensive nor intensive and is therefore wrong.
  • Due to many centuries of intensive settlement, most of the area is shaped by human influence.
  • During these summer intensives, six different companies come in a week each and teach students their style of movement.
  • These practices were by nature very labor-intensive and therefore also quite expensive.
  • Though labor-intensive for any but small areas, this method is still used in some situations.
  • The new plant equipment is also much less labour-intensive.
  • Jan Term classes are more intensive than a normal fall or spring class.
  • Physical properties of materials and systems are often described as intensive and extensive properties.
  • Despite intensive negotiations in the following months, the parties did not reach an agreement.
  • Any method may be labour-intensive, depending on the model in question.
  • The specific volume, an intensive property, is the system's volume per unit of mass.
  • They were nothing like what one would view as an Intensive Care ward in a regular hospital.
  • It is usually quite combat-intensive and often involves large groups of enemy creatures.
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Meaning of intensive

  • adjective Tending to give force or emphasis
    an intensive adverb
  • adjective Of agriculture; intended to increase productivity of a fixed area by expending more capital and labor
    intensive agriculture, intensive conditions