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  • Her house is still intact today and has been owned by several families since her death.
  • Its original form and appearance have remained largely intact since its construction.
  • Over the entire beach front, not one building or home was left intact.
  • It has remained mostly intact, being changed only a few times.
  • The study where he wrote many of his works was preserved intact.
  • Only six of them are known to have survived intact to the present day.
  • Though many changes were made, the core love story remained intact.
  • While most have lost their mother tongue, some have preserved the language and culture almost intact.
  • The government remained somewhat intact, and the parliament continued to function more or less as it had before.
  • It is famous among other things for its intact Renaissance-era city walls.
  • Although most forests are still intact, this species has suffered over-hunting.
  • Legions became standing units, which could remain intact long after a particular campaign was finished.
  • It was found intact on the floor, and revealed to not be made out of wood as generally believed.
  • His singing voice remained intact until late in life, when he fell ill with emphysema.
  • Many of the town's former mill buildings are still intact.
  • This was to preserve his own strength intact for the main battle which was to come.
  • Eventually, the band worked out their differences and put in place a new set of rules to keep the group intact.
  • In some cases entire equipment systems were left intact.
  • The town was left intact and most residents did not flee their homes.
  • Although the school has been moved from its original location, its structure and furnishings are otherwise intact.
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