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  • It was also in this year when military insurgents took over the station.
  • The insurgents elected military officers but no civil structure was ever established.
  • The city, nor any part of the city was ever in insurgent hands.
  • Eventually, the insurgents kept most of territory they had won, including the local industrial district.
  • During the civil war, the insurgents made the province part of the central zone.
  • The end result of all this was that the insurgents had a field day.
  • The insurgent loss was reported as eight dead, left on the field.
  • The insurgents lost all their artillery, much of their equipment and the lives of many men.
  • The city was under insurgent control by the end of the day.
  • Members of the republican insurgent movement were left out of this government.
  • But for some years he had to act only as the friend of the insurgents in England.
  • In many cases the insurgents were killed in the return fire.
  • From that point he was one of the leaders of the insurgents and chief in the southern region.
  • However, fourteen months later insurgents were again able to operate in large numbers.
  • It is said that the insurgents moved village to village and gained sympathy.
  • With them came the British army and the local insurgents against the French occupation.
  • The military took control of a key town and demolished an insurgent group's building.
  • He was seized from his home after the suspected insurgent could not be found.
  • With the help of air support government forces drove out insurgents by the next day and took control of the airport.
  • When the resistance to the insurgents became more serious, differences arose among their leaders.
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Meaning of insurgent

  • noun A person who takes part in an armed rebellion against the constituted authority (especially in the hope of improving conditions)