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  • He was then sent into prison for insulting the head of the state.
  • Both men would go out on television and make personal, insulting remarks about one another.
  • She has been shown to have a temper when it comes to people insulting her family.
  • The middle finger is still used though, and it is considered more insulting.
  • Many other terms, some of them insulting or informal, have been used throughout history.
  • You seem to have taken it personally or think I am being insulting.
  • He agreed to marry her after she threatened to shoot him for insulting her.
  • He made her insulting matches for marriage so that she would not accept them and ruin the plan.
  • Then after the autopsy, he broke off with her, giving highly insulting reasons.
  • The two men had a good time on their date until Kevin began insulting Robert.
  • Outside literature, the character's name has become an insulting term of disparagement.
  • Each used insulting language not often seen in political ads today.
  • Clay's performance results in several members of the audience leaving the show early, some insulting him as they leave.
  • As they head off, a drunken man is insulting the hospital staff and its patients.
  • Young replied by insulting Edge and his lack of a world championship.
  • However, the soldiers have come to arrest her for publicly insulting the king.
  • The author judged two times for insulting president, police and army.
  • It's insulting that she would even say that.
  • While some people in Germany may consider these names insulting most people, others regard them as part of the German culture.
  • An insulting silence carried on with every passing day.
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Root form of insulting is insult for the verb.

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