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  • In addition, some of his pieces were probably intended for instrumental performance.
  • The second of these two other sub-sources of social capital is that of instrumental social capital.
  • It was never used for that purpose, but was instrumental in the settlement of this area.
  • The community and city fully support a sports, vocal and instrumental music programs at all schools.
  • Portions of an instrumental version also appear in the film's musical score several times.
  • It is an instrumental version, with the original German lyrics having no official status.
  • The following year, the band would release the almost entirely instrumental Island Dreams.
  • There were additional tracks, including additional instrumental pieces, that did not make it to the final product.
  • The band's sound generally falls within the genre of instrumental Post-rock.
  • More recent data are provided by the instrumental record.
  • Over the past decade there have been many new releases of instrumental rock albums.
  • These remain his most famous instrumental works and have also been adapted for wind quartet.
  • Band is a general term for an instrumental group.
  • A special edition of the album features solely instrumental versions of some of the songs.
  • The instrumental component is primarily composed by the other permanent band members.
  • Each of these pieces is written for a different small instrumental ensemble, many of them very unusual.
  • Some of the historic buildings in this district were instrumental in the development of high-rises.
  • During the tour they stopped at a studio to record the instrumental tracks for their next EP.
  • He was one of those who were instrumental in forming a company to give telephone service to the community.
  • During this time he was largely instrumental in the foundation of King's College London.
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Meaning of instrumental

  • adjective Relating to or designed for or performed on musical instruments
    instrumental compositions, an instrumental ensemble