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  • He could also be considered the country's father of instructional films.
  • A winter guard generally consists of performing members under the direction of an instructional staff.
  • This film was produced along with an instructional book, which was featured in the film.
  • They found that the format of instructional materials either promoted or limited learning.
  • He also published instructional books on studying music and playing the guitar.
  • Long-term studies may find that direct instruction is not superior to other instructional methods.
  • Learning theories also play an important role in the design of instructional materials.
  • Different instructional techniques are used for some students with special educational needs.
  • Examples of alternative instructional materials include what are known as worked-examples and goal-free problems.
  • He has also lent his name to a series of instructional schools.
  • Each course meets for approximately twice the standard instructional time than is offered under the traditional schedule.
  • Emberley is best known for his children's book work - particularly instructional drawing books.
  • Specific means each element of the instructional design plan must be executed with attention to details.
  • The first stage known as needs assessment, is common to any instructional design process, especially software development.
  • It can be prepared in other methods that are of instructional value.
  • Like the Tournament, the Book too became an annual feature and was of very high instructional value.
  • He stated that he used the tomato setting because he had always wanted to produce an instructional video.
  • Master's degree programs include business administration, informational technology and education in instructional technology.
  • Many of his organ works can be found in organ text books and instructional materials today.
  • He has also produced a DVD instructional series on pressure point technique.
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  • adjective Of or relating to or used in instruction
    instructional aids