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  • Info An institute is an organisational body created for a certain purpose.
  • A college-level military academy is an institute of higher learning of things military.
  • It is the first and only institute of its kind in the Jewish world.
  • In addition to a testing department the institute also had a research department.
  • Following his death, the Institute named its establishment after him in his honor.
  • The institute's public policy programs have a strong history in our nation's capital.
  • The administration forced the student council to institute a dress code.
  • They may eventually graduate into any of the Institute's regular publication series.
  • The institute's programs have been based on that general principle.
  • As the heart of an academic center, it is home for the institute's the information services.
  • Most of the institute's athletic facilities are located in and around the sports centre.
  • Representatives of the supporting states are also members of the Institute's board.
  • The institute's goal is to advance quality in care through the end of life via training and research.
  • The program is the oldest of the institute's teaching programs.
  • The institute is composed of leaders from the film, entertainment, business and academic communities.
  • The Prize continues to this day and remains the institute's most distinguished award.
  • The professional institutes can help you both before and after you graduate.
  • It is currently in the collection of the Art Institute of Chicago.
  • The four Council members elected by the Institute's membership must be members themselves.
  • They founded most of the country's leading institutes of higher education.
  • For this reason, their son was brought up in several religious institutes.
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Meaning of Institute

  • noun An association organized to promote art or science or education
  • verb Advance or set forth in court
    bring charges", "institute proceedings