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  • He could tell instinctively that the man was feeling about the walls with his hands. Cited from The Brighton Boys in the Radio Service, by James R. Driscoll
  • Instinctively he knew that, and felt like one with money in the bank. Cited from The Call of the Blood, by Robert Smythe Hichens
  • Her own hand went up to them, instinctively, and closed over his. Cited from The Great Amulet, by Maud Diver
  • She knew instinctively that it would never do for her sex to be discovered. Cited from Ruth Fielding at the War Front, by Alice B. Emerson
  • The daughter instinctively drew her arm from within the mother's and stood still. Cited from Captain Mansana and Mother's Hands, by Bjornstjerne Bjornson
  • They did the right thing instinctively, whether she was there to see them or not. Cited from Girls and Women, by Harriet E. Paine (AKA: E. Chester)
  • All in heaven speak the same language, which they know instinctively without learning it.
  • Instinctively she had turned to both the hard, bright face they required. Cited from The Coast of Chance, by Esther Chamberlain and Lucia Chamberlain
  • Once they reach the surface, they instinctively head towards the sea.
  • Instinctively the men ceased from their work to look down the road. Cited from The Kentucky Ranger, by Edward T. Curnick
  • Instinctively they retreat into the house, without taking their prisoner along with them. Cited from The Lone Ranche, by Captain Mayne Reid
  • Soon the tired eyes opened again, and instinctively looked down at his legs. Cited from Impressions of a War Correspondent, by George Lynch
  • Blocks do sometimes occur when one player is so caught off guard that they are used instinctively.
  • He turned his steps instinctively toward the point beyond the Indian Village. Cited from Where the Sun Swings North, by Barrett Willoughby
  • They read character instinctively and seem to "see through" people too easily to be really happy. Cited from Palmistry for All, by Cheiro
  • You stand instinctively with the crowd that has swept you off your feet in the last six months. Cited from North of Fifty-Three, by Bertrand W. Sinclair
  • They know instinctively that the voice can be trained only by singing. Cited from The Psychology of Singing, by David C. Taylor
  • She instinctively knew that he was going to be the one.
  • Instinctively we felt that we were in the presence of death. Cited from The Danvers Jewels, and Sir Charles Danvers, by Mary Cholmondeley
  • He sat up, and his hand went instinctively to his pocket. Cited from The Great Amulet, by Maud Diver
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Synonyms of instinctively

Meaning of instinctively

  • adverb As a matter of instinct
    he instinctively grabbed the knife