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  • The installation changed names a few more times during its early years.
  • Installation video is the most common form of video art today.
  • No town grew up around the Mission, as many did at other installations.
  • The actual installation of the tree then takes place in the afternoon or evening.
  • Since then the campus has grown with new programs and new installations.
  • Each database may be created on any data location known to the installation.
  • For fixed-site installations, north is usually represented at the top of the image.
  • During the year long course he continued to exhibit and developed his practice around large scale installations.
  • The French university system had quite a few installations in the early 1980s.
  • Many of those services also have an installation cost, which is equal to one or two months of service.
  • As a result, each season, began with a site-specific installation.
  • However, the addition of defense installations in the areas changed the agricultural community.
  • Both rolling stock and fixed installations along the line is kept in running condition.
  • After finishing its work on the first car, the engine installation crew can begin working on the second car.
  • These met with a positive response from the public, but no permanent installations were made.
  • The physical security section provided guards for important party and government officials and installations.
  • This version will use the CD drive for installation, running only from the hard drive.
  • Very little remains of the installations along the former inner German border.
  • Regular events and art installations are a feature of the island.
  • In modern times, the county is home to several important U.S. military installations.
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Meaning of installation

  • noun The act of installing something (as equipment)
    the telephone installation took only a few minutes