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  • I am either above or below the wish of being what is insolently called well born. Cited from Anna St. Ives, by Thomas Holcroft
  • And his half-closed eyes swept her insolently from head to foot. Cited from The Moon out of Reach, by Margaret Pedler
  • He sat as if he had insolently taken root in his seat. Cited from Aaron's Rod, By D. H. Lawrence
  • Far from giving the desired place, they most insolently refused to allow us to share the tree. Cited from The Albert N'Yanza, Great Basin of the Nile, Baker
  • The young man eyed me insolently for a moment and turned again to his sister. Cited from Sir John Constantine, by Prosper Paleologus Constantine
  • She affected him as almost insolently young; but an easily carried five-and-thirty could still do that. Cited from The Ambassadors, by Henry James
  • "Do they call you Beauty now as they used to?" he asked, rather insolently. Cited from The PG Works Of Gilbert Parker, Complete
  • But he would be correct, as she had so insolently asked him to be. Cited from Cosmopolis by Paul Bourget, v2
  • He looked insolently into my eyes, and I felt my cheeks simply burning. Cited from The Jew And Other Stories, by Ivan Turgenev
  • They replied insolently that those who wanted servants must pay for them. Cited from The Shadow of the Cathedral, by Vicente Blasco Ibanez
  • They are insolently secure in a world apparently made for them. Cited from Contemporary American Novelists (1900-1920), by Carl Van Doren
  • "Are you one of the people who see no further than their noses?" she asked insolently. Cited from Little Novels, by Wilkie Collins
  • Charles glanced at them fiercely and insolently, then turned his look again upon the man who remained. Cited from The House of Cobwebs and Other Stories, by George Gissing
  • Then he drew himself erect and laughed insolently in the woman's face. Cited from Lords of the North, by A. C. Laut
  • Yes, the woman up there looked happy, almost insolently happy. Cited from Burgomaster's Wife, by Georg Ebers, v2
  • The lady thus insolently spoken of is one of the best of the Catholic women of Ireland. Cited from Ireland Under Coercion (2nd ed.) (2 of 2) (1888), William Henry Hurlbert
  • Juan insolently declared that he didn't know and didn't care. Cited from Heart of the Sunset, by Rex Beach
  • The girl passed her insolently, and left the house. Cited from Fenwick's Career, by Mrs. Humphry Ward
  • She was the first out of sight, rather insolently. Cited from The Amazing Marriage by George Meredith, v4
  • Then he kissed her neck insolently and pushed her off his knee. Cited from The Price of Things, by Elinor Glyn
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Meaning of insolently

  • adverb In an insolent manner
    he had replied insolently to his superiors