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  • Her drive to dance often made her insensitive to other people's problems.
  • He is often a voice of reason, but can also be insensitive at times.
  • He is a little bit insensitive about some things especially about the feelings of women.
  • The episode was pulled as it seemed too insensitive to air it so soon after his death.
  • He also wrote an insensitive letter to Queen Mary, which has since been lost.
  • A man insensitive to beauty in woman never was, never will be. Cited from The Prince of India, by Lew. Wallace, Vol. 2
  • This however does not mean that he was insensitive for the needs of the lower classes.
  • Three feet of cold insensitive earth covered the body of this young beauty, and it had been full of love. Cited from Eastern Shame Girl and Others, by Charles Georges Soulie
  • He went out with a fire at his heart that made him insensitive to the frost without. Cited from Merely Mary Ann, by Israel Zangwill
  • It is case insensitive, so artist and ARTIST are the same field.
  • She can be high-handed and sometimes a little bit insensitive.
  • He convinces her that David is still the same insensitive man that he has always been.
  • It seems a little insensitive in so young a man. Cited from The Poetry Of Robert Browning, by Stopford A. Brooke
  • Although he was not an insensitive man, he was a man of generous nature. Cited from Bella Donna, by Robert Hichens
  • She found her lover insensitive to the news and had an abortion three days later.
  • The first evidence is that the fingers become cold, white, and insensitive to touch and pain. Cited from Manual of Surgery, by Alexis Thomson and Alexander Miles
  • However, this design was considered too insensitive to the Chinese and so the reverse described above was used.
  • It is no doubt true that when our own handicrafts were dying we also were insensitive. Cited from The Foundations of Japan, by J.W. Robertson Scott
  • Though she is a church woman, she is brutal and insensitive to her slaves.
  • She was as insensitive to all about her as to the too-abundant pictures of the morning. Cited from The Bent Twig, by Dorothy Canfield
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Meaning of insensitive

  • adjective Not responsive to physical stimuli
    insensitive to radiation
  • adjective Deficient in human sensibility; not mentally or morally sensitive
    insensitive to the needs of the patients