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  • Official record books held in museum buildings there are inscribed with the names those who gave their lives.
  • These variations most often appeared when they would better fit the surface being inscribed.
  • Any square can be inscribed in a circle whose center is the center of the square.
  • Over time, the elements have worn down much of what was originally inscribed on the rock.
  • These are made by artists without inscribing their names on them.
  • This historical fact is inscribed in the stone laid in the temple.
  • I meant to inscribe them in the little blank book when I went home. Cited from Further Chronicles of Avonlea, L.M. Montgomery
  • Each service claps was inscribed with a country or region name where support service was performed.
  • The poem was inscribed so visitors could read as they went into the pool.
  • Within a given triangle, a longer common side is associated with a smaller inscribed square.
  • The following is inscribed over the original entrance to the prison.
  • I will be pleased indeed if you will kindly inscribe your name in one of the books you will send me. Cited from Vanished Arizona, by Martha Summerhayes
  • I too will inscribe my name upon this dark granite page. Cited from Journey to Interior of Earth, by Verne
  • Each year, the winner inscribes the year and score from the game.
  • Copies of the text were inscribed throughout the Empire upon his death.
  • After inscribing our names in a book we went back to our midday meal. Cited from The Land of the Black Mountain, by Reginald Wyon and Gerald Prance
  • On his grave are inscribed the first and last lines from his poem High Flight.
  • One of them represented the flying figure of Fame inscribing his own name on the clouds. Cited from Charlotte Bronte and Her Circle, by Clement K. Shorter
  • The tower has a west entrance with a three-light window above and an inscribed frieze.
  • Books if open may be inscribed with words.
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Meaning of inscribe

  • verb Draw within a figure so as to touch in as many places as possible
  • verb Write, engrave, or print as a lasting record
  • verb Address, (a work of literature) in a style less formal than a dedication