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  • During nearly his whole life, he had had an insatiable love for sport. Cited from The Works of Guy de Maupassant, Volume IV (of 8), by Guy de Maupassant
  • He had an insatiable desire to do things that were new to him. Cited from Light of the Western Stars, Zane Grey
  • Reading led him to thinking and this led to an insatiable interest in media.
  • After that she was insatiable; it was every day and sometimes twice in one day. Cited from Studies in the Psychology of Sex, Volume 4 (of 6), by Havelock Ellis
  • The love of the art and nature, and an insatiable desire for knowledge remained throughout his life.
  • His respectable friends never won him away from his insatiable interest in the under-dog. Cited from An American Idyll, by Cornelia Stratton Parker
  • The ideas for new technology hit her quickly, causing an insatiable desire to produce them.
  • Why should she have to sacrifice herself to this insatiable creature, whom she did not love? Cited from Love's Pilgrimage, by Upton Sinclair
  • The demand of the great upper range for cattle seemed for the time insatiable. Cited from The Passing of the Frontier, Emerson Hough
  • It is difficult to say how far this insatiable egomania will take our young women. Cited from Women's Wild Oats, by C. Gasquoine Hartley
  • However, he was an insatiable reader, and continued to teach himself after he left school.
  • From all appearances, these people are a most insatiable lot; for they make quite enough in the way of money! Cited from Hung Lou Meng, Book II, by Cao Xueqin
  • The same strange and wide, perhaps insatiable child- like curiosity was in her eyes as she watched him. Cited from Aaron's Rod, By D. H. Lawrence
  • There appears to be recorded no Spanish story containing the insatiable wife and the heaven-reaching plant. Cited from Filipino Popular Tales, by Dean S. Fansler
  • I must go before that old, insatiable longing for her arose in me again. Cited from Jacqueline of Golden River, by H. M. Egbert
  • For him, they could see only danger in an insatiable hunger for learning. Cited from Call of the Cumberlands, by Charles Neville Buck
  • There was something so insatiable in each angry mother's eyes. Cited from His Family, by Ernest Poole
  • After a few weeks, Stephen finds that he cannot control his insatiable curiosity.
  • Get free from the influence of that eager, insatiable desire, and you are free, indeed. Cited from Lights and Shadows of Real Life, T.S. Arthur
  • They founded the plans of their insatiable ambition on the political pride of nations. Cited from Secret Societies And Subversive Movements, by Nesta H. Webster
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