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  • A story of a woman who has married and her second husband has turned insane.
  • First, to take care of her insane mother and second, to win over her love.
  • Their whole sound was his insane guitar playing, which I played nothing like.
  • Most people around him agreed that he was, to some degree, insane.
  • However, he was not allowed to take his place in parliament as he was subsequently declared insane.
  • She is of no use as a witness, however, as she has gone insane.
  • I wish we had been able to keep it as I think it's gone insane now.
  • The insane person's family were expected to pay any compensation and look after.
  • David's mother goes insane after learning that Frank had been killed in Italy.
  • The women are separated at the end with one of them insane and again, no happy ending.
  • Of his two sons, one died in infancy and the other became insane.
  • His act was utterly convincing, so much so that many considered him actually insane.
  • He then attempts to speak with the insane detective but cannot get anything substantial out of him.
  • He does not wear his original costume, and does not act insane.
  • She was then examined by several doctors, who all declared her to be insane.
  • Draugar are also noted as being able to drive living people insane.
  • Only an insane person would do such a thing to his widow and children, it was successfully argued.
  • However, it was long believed by many that Swift was actually insane at this point.
  • The first attempt had created a powerful but insane being, the Mad Mind.
  • Only mathematics is free, because it is too insane to be bound.
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Meaning of insane

  • adjective Afflicted with or characteristic of mental derangement
    was declared insane, insane laughter