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  • They live mainly on biological products, using next to no inorganic materials.
  • The only thing setting them apart is their semi-inorganic skeletal systems.
  • Research space for organic and inorganic chemistry faculty can also be found on the third floor.
  • Inorganic dust-based life has been speculated upon based on recent computer simulations.
  • The first was the creation of life from inorganic matter.
  • Select search services that offer such a service typically also offer paid inclusion, also referred to as inorganic search.
  • Organic (not animal life, however) and inorganic matter can be changed into anything she desires.
  • He regularly published multiple papers a year on a variety of topics including inorganic and physical chemistry.
  • He wrote an inorganic chemistry textbook whose concept was ahead of its time.
  • Many published test methods are available for both organic and inorganic compounds.
  • Because of its many uses, ammonia is one of the most highly produced inorganic chemicals.
  • Primary production is the production of organic matter from inorganic carbon sources.
  • Some prokaryotes can use inorganic matter as an energy source.
  • Heredity leads us back, beyond human and animal ancestors, all the way to the inorganic world.
  • Adventists believe that inorganic matter was created prior to the creation week and was altered into its present form during the creation week.
  • He began measuring the free energy values related to several chemical processes, both organic and inorganic.
  • The following table lists a number of other inorganic substances that may cause interference.
  • The inorganic growth rate also factors in the impact of foreign exchange movements or performance of other economies.
  • The focus of the department is mostly in inorganic and physical chemistry.
  • The ability of certain main group elements to catenate is currently the subject of research into inorganic polymers.
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Meaning of inorganic

  • adjective Relating or belonging to the class of compounds not having a carbon basis
    hydrochloric and sulfuric acids are called inorganic substances
  • adjective Lacking the properties characteristic of living organisms