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  • As he revealed to her he killed two inmates, she would be next.
  • Also, more health care is provided and available in the state for all inmates.
  • If the inmates fight, the fight will not end until officers use force to stop the fight.
  • During his term, eight inmates were put to death by electric chair.
  • The inmates were forced to break stone to pay for their stay in the prison.
  • These cells were designed to house, usually, only one inmate at a time.
  • One method for this is using prison inmates as a labor force to perform production work.
  • Inmates being released are sometimes dropped off here as well to catch trains back to the city.
  • He is the only man to have ever killed an inmate on death row.
  • This caused much fighting in between inmates, which was probably what the guards wanted.
  • A small number of inmates are selected for the facility's fine arts painting program.
  • The report also noted high levels of self-harm and poor mental health among the inmates.
  • Thus the inmates never knew when they were being watched.
  • The film ends with the band playing amongst the inmates who enjoy the music.
  • Some scenes are extended to focus more on the religious views of the inmates.
  • All the other inmates were dead within one month.
  • The goals of these programs is to get the inmate the help he needs to function in society.
  • The new inmate's answer will determine his future in the prison.
  • During a visit, staff members have regular contact with the inmate and visitors.
  • Inmates are not locked down and can come and go from their cells.
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Meaning of inmate

  • noun One of several resident of a dwelling (especially someone confined to a prison or hospital)