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  • Because of these features, river boats typically could not travel any further inland.
  • Once inland, his way of life took a turn for the better.
  • Large houses were built inland from there, and the new town began.
  • The largest counties in terms of land area are inland and further north.
  • The inland water transport within the state is not well developed.
  • Some remain near the coast but others move up to inland to similar habitats.
  • The Pacific ocean can be seen from the property, although it is very far inland.
  • They were sent inland and to almost every European country.
  • For about inland from its mouth, the river is virtually at sea level.
  • Michigan has numerous inland lakes and rivers that also contain their own islands.
  • Small hills rise up from the shore at about inland.
  • In winter, the east winds can be as cold as further inland.
  • The village relocated to its present site, about one mile inland, when the railroad came through.
  • Canada has no significant inland areas of salt water.
  • Although it is inland, the county is also considered part of the California Central Coast.
  • Today, after several centuries of changes in the landscape, it is an inland site.
  • This model is still currently present on every coast and in the remote inland areas and forests.
  • Of the total area, is land and is inland water.
  • The climate of inland areas is more noticeable the further north-east into the region.
  • Snow falls several times each winter in inland areas, but is relatively uncommon around the coast.
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Synonyms of inland

Meaning of inland

  • adjective Situated away from an area's coast or border
  • adverb Towards or into the interior of a region
    the town is five miles inland