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  • This was a large and well-built country house, initially hidden in trees.
  • The line was initially only for business but the public could make calls occasionally.
  • Initially, their plans covered the three main sections but there was no tower.
  • Initially the technology could only be applied to the head when separated from the body.
  • He was initially content working behind the scenes and had no interest in performing.
  • The game initially had a single production run.
  • The office to which he was initially assigned is unknown.
  • Initially the sex of the child was only one factor to consider.
  • The members created a library, initially assembled from their own books.
  • Websites are often created using content management software with, initially, very little content.
  • His role, again, was initially an acting stage manager.
  • Powers initially received a cold reception on his return home.
  • Initially, each conference was numbered after the release, and not regular held.
  • Initially built from wood, the fort was eventually rebuilt in stone.
  • John initially remained loyal to his father, but changed sides once it appeared that Richard would win.
  • He was initially reluctant because he thought the recording sessions would be too much trouble.
  • The single was initially self-published on the Internet.
  • Initially used for food, it was quickly discovered that they were useful for field work and carrying goods and people.
  • Another explanation is that people are inclined to believe in ideas that they initially supported.
  • The latter had initially been in command in Tennessee as that State's top general.
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Meaning of initially

  • adverb At the beginning
    at first he didn't notice anything strange