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  • Over the next few years he appeared in five more films and made infrequent appearances on television.
  • Service is infrequent most of the time due to the fact that there is only one track.
  • Sunday services remained infrequent at no more than four each way on each of the lines serving the town.
  • Since then, her appearances in films have been very infrequent and low-profile.
  • As public transport is limited to an infrequent bus service, most travel by car.
  • It may, for example, display infrequent signal data in blue to make it stand out.
  • Services to some stations are infrequent and at several the trains only stop on request.
  • Due to its remote location, air traffic is infrequent and there is no control tower.
  • But such experiences were infrequent and year sometimes followed year before he was able to get out of the city again.
  • There are local bus services across the area, but some are infrequent.
  • Physical fighting among group members is infrequent and generally of short duration.
  • The service was infrequent and often required a change of train at the junction.
  • Service is infrequent and only occurs several days per month.
  • What infrequent from scratch cooking his mother attempts changes nothing before her death.
  • The members have since dabbled in many projects and still play infrequent shows today.
  • Only during their infrequent visits to ground level do they become vulnerable.
  • Large, open battles in the field were somewhat infrequent during this time.
  • It is a very infrequent procedure, and has happened only five times over the past six decades.
  • Precipitation is usually infrequent and light, especially so during the summer months.
  • Such cases were common in the 19th century but have become infrequent since the 1930s.
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Meaning of infrequent

  • adjective Not frequent; not occurring regularly or at short intervals
    infrequent outbursts of temper