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  • Once such an act would have been inexplicable to the mountain man. Cited from The Emigrant Trail, by Geraldine Bonner
  • Something mysterious and inexplicable happened when she heard his voice for the first time.
  • He has been so devoted to me all my life that his conduct now is quite inexplicable. Cited from A Bid for Fortune, by Guy Boothby
  • She turned her head quickly and caught his eyes in this instant of inexplicable suffering. Cited from The Brimming Cup, by Dorothy Canfield Fisher
  • We have gone way below what we were a few years ago, and that's inexplicable.
  • I'm old enough to know that the human animal is inexplicable. Cited from Max, by Katherine Cecil Thurston
  • The problem was certainly simple enough, but for that very reason the more inexplicable. Cited from All Around the Moon, by Jules Verne
  • And they too of course for the time thought me mysterious and inexplicable. Cited from Apologia Pro Vita Sua, by John Henry Cardinal Newman
  • Suddenly they experience a mysterious, inexplicable power failure that they cannot account for.
  • She followed him through all sorts of inexplicable places, and eventually found a secret base.
  • It was for some inexplicable reason the food and the medicine which his mind needed. Cited from Miriam's Schooling and Other Papers, by Mark Rutherford
  • His dates, at this point, though recorded within three weeks, are to me inexplicable. Cited from John Knox and the Reformation, by Andrew Lang
  • When I was at college there happened what was a most inexplicable incident. Cited from Indian Ghost Stories, by S. Mukerji
  • Do they not consider whatever is strange and inexplicable, as coming immediately from God? Cited from Westminster Sermons, by Charles Kingsley
  • How inexplicable that he had not thought of this -- the only way -- at once! Cited from The Uttermost Farthing, by Marie Belloc Lowndes
  • But why should you connect these two persons with this inexplicable thing? Cited from Cleek: the Man of the Forty Faces, by Thomas W. Hanshew
  • Some subtle, inexplicable change that I cannot account for has come over me. Cited from Our Elizabeth, by Florence A. Kilpatrick
  • The only hope was guns, and it was a long and inexplicable time before any guns came up. Cited from With Rimington, by L. March Phillipps
  • He put his hands up to catch it and for some inexplicable reason didn't hold them close together.
  • We can either call them super-natural or simply inexplicable.
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Meaning of inexplicable

  • adjective Incapable of being explained or accounted for
    inexplicable errors, left the house at three in the morning for inexplicable reasons