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  • This became a significant event that inevitably changed her career potential and her name.
  • As languages remain in contact over time, they inevitably influence one another.
  • A means to travel in time inevitably means that people will try to change the past or future.
  • Inevitably, whether we like it or not, it's part of our history.
  • He and his family inevitably experience dark and violent events through which the characters change and grow.
  • Whether such people know it or not, their lives will inevitably lead to complete despair.
  • Inevitably, you're going to end up doing something that he's probably already done before.
  • The river almost inevitably features in many books set in London.
  • Every action, movement, and thought follows inevitably from the previous one, like playing jazz.
  • The genre caught up with the middle class youth and inevitably found its way to the media.
  • Nevertheless even without being completely captured they frequently came under attack, which inevitably took its toll.
  • Reaching a higher state is inevitably accompanied by difficulty and personal pain of some sort.
  • As distance between a fighting force and its headquarters increases, command and control inevitably becomes more difficult.
  • Thus they inevitably gave way to larger organisations of society, including the empire and the nation state.
  • Inevitably, students and teachers will become more concerned with one area of the technique than another.
  • When people read these stories, they inevitably thought of progressives like us.
  • Inevitably this means that some network programming seen elsewhere is not easily available in that province.
  • Inevitably, there's nothing going on except it's just you and your opponent.
  • Since businesses make money and money leads to political power, business will inevitably use their power to influence governments.
  • Building them was a massive civil engineering project that inevitably damaged the environment.
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Meaning of inevitably

  • adverb In such a manner as could not be otherwise
    it is necessarily so, we must needs by objective