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  • Better leave no will at all than one inefficiently constructed. Cited from Around The Tea-Table, by T. De Witt Talmage
  • He could do all these things a little, and not stupidly, although inefficiently. Cited from Mike Fletcher, by George Moore (George Augustus Moore)
  • My only regret is that, as my guest, you should be inefficiently served. Cited from The Swindler and Other Stories, by Ethel M. Dell
  • I can now sleep at night without being afraid that my babies are being inefficiently murdered. Cited from Dear Enemy by Jean Webster #2
  • The greatest industry in America is still the most backward and most inefficiently operated. Cited from Fundamentals of Prosperity, by Roger W. Babson
  • As has been already explained she was most inefficiently armed, almost entirely with carronades. Cited from The Naval War of 1812, by Theodore Roosevelt
  • He can only convert three or four thousand calories of energy a day and he does that very inefficiently. Cited from Creative Chemistry, by Edwin E. Slosson
  • It is the least developed industry, the most inefficiently operated, and the most backward in its methods. Cited from Fundamentals of Prosperity, by Roger W. Babson
  • The mill was inefficiently run by his late father and is already mortgaged.
  • The greatest industry in America but the most backward and inefficiently operated, is still in the stage-coach class. Cited from Fundamentals of Prosperity, by Roger W. Babson
  • At the same time, the command's personnel director found that Negroes were being inefficiently used. Cited from Integration of the Armed Forces, 1940-1965, by Morris J. MacGregor Jr.
  • As a result of these policies, private farms remained inefficiently small and labor intensive.
  • Moreover, there can be disadvantages to multiple use when it is inefficiently applied.
  • Recently consultants have developed entire organizations around advising hotels where they are operating inefficiently or using more energy than necessary.
  • The help deposes of the body and gun inefficiently, leading to the discovery of both.
  • He is the first person to state that the software development work is being carried out inefficiently inflating the costs of the software products.
  • Due to public apathy the public schools are run inefficiently.
  • At present, almost 80% of our water is used in agriculture, and it is used very inefficiently.
  • Additionally, the concept implies that the inefficiently spent resources could in fact be transferred to a more effective alternative.
  • However demand exceeded supply and the agricultural sector produced very inefficiently.
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Meaning of inefficiently

  • adverb In an inefficient manner
    he dealt inefficiently with the crisis