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  • This system proved to be inefficient, which helped to bring the new system about.
  • He would not return, and after his departure, the government became even more inefficient than before.
  • This would be inefficient in a small motor designed for stop-start operation.
  • He believed that while the free market could be inefficient, government programs were even less efficient.
  • This may have contributed to the rapid development of very energy inefficient heavy industry.
  • In a small number of goods and services, the cost structure means that competition may be inefficient.
  • Another inefficient approach is to find the prime factors of one or both numbers.
  • Although inefficient, this method does not require the use of any strong acid.
  • These actions are inefficient as they increase risk taking without increasing the average effort supplied.
  • This is generally considered to be an inefficient use of I/O and physical space.
  • This means that inefficient companies will suffer a loss of market share and may have to close down.
  • He presented a complete electoral law to reform the inefficient election system based on the single district.
  • The latter can lead to very inefficient operation due to longer flying times and increased fuel burn.
  • However, despite the new machines' power, their operating system soon proved to be inefficient.
  • However, performing this entire sequence of steps for each drawing operation would be very inefficient.
  • However, the new company was still over-extended and inefficient.
  • As you can see, this is quite inefficient just to access a variable.
  • Although, very inefficient it would be later improved in the future.
  • He felt if left to its own devices it would fade away as an inefficient system.
  • This may also encourage the under-production (inefficient production) of the public good.
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Meaning of inefficient

  • adjective Not producing desired results; wasteful
    an inefficient campaign against drugs, outdated and inefficient design and methods