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  • A certain data structure type may be very effective in certain operations, and very ineffective in others.
  • Neither player saw any significant playing time and both were often injured and highly ineffective when able to play.
  • This has left the partnership bill ineffective compared to those of other states.
  • Its small size and one-man crew meant it would have been ineffective as a weapon.
  • However, as range increased, the shot spread out so rapidly as to be ineffective.
  • Made up of representatives from each town, county, and the state, the board proved ineffective.
  • However, these blue sky laws were generally found to be ineffective.
  • First was the problem of what to do with ineffective officers in the Navy.
  • However, he was going up against a popular incumbent and his campaign was widely considered ineffective.
  • A few broke through and made an ineffective attack on the Enterprise group.
  • The left position is ineffective, while the right position is effective.
  • These military leaders began to acquire the ability to rule better than the ineffective civil institutions.
  • Some national security experts said that the program was likely to be ineffective.
  • Though he would see minor success in this venture, in the long term this proved to be ineffective.
  • Ruth was ineffective in his first start, taking the loss in the third game of the season.
  • The message seemed to be that after one decade the government's aid program was ineffective.
  • John proved as ineffective at ruling upon his return to France as he had before his capture.
  • Most were ineffective and only worked in some areas.
  • Those designed to protect public order seem to be somewhat ineffective because they are rarely enforced.
  • However, this government was limited to the former French settlements and was rather ineffective.
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Meaning of ineffective

  • adjective Not producing an intended effect
    an ineffective teacher, ineffective legislation