industry bailout

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  • However, she did vote for the auto industry bailout in December 2008.
  • Some experts believe that the popularity of the auto industry bailout put in place under President Obama helped him take the state.
  • Ryan was one of 32 Republicans in the House to vote for the auto industry bailout.
  • He maintained that though he disagreed with Romney on the auto industry bailout, Romney had the best chance to overcome the obstacles.
  • In Dec 2008, Congress declined to authorize the Auto industry bailout bill.
  • Shea-Porter voted for the auto industry bailout and the "Cash for Clunkers" bill.
  • Wagoner repeated this assertion during an NPR interview after the December 2008 Senate hearings on the U.S. auto industry bailout request.
  • Events detailed in the film include the economic crisis, health care reform, the auto industry bailout, and the Navy Seal mission that led to the death of al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.
  • Though supporting the Federal bailout of the nation's largest private banks, he referred to Pelosi's proposal to appoint a Car czar to run the U.S. Automobile Industry Bailout as a "bureaucratic" imposition on private business.
  • The Obama White House issued a statement titled "Fact Checking the Fact Checker" after Kessler gave Obama Three Pinocchios for statements he made on the auto industry bailout.