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  • One was connected inductively to a power source, and the other one to a bulb.
  • Like most research methods, this process of data analysis can occur in two primary ways -- inductively or deductively.
  • An n -tuple is defined inductively using the construction of an ordered pair.
  • Inductively then, one can also conclude that for any positive integer n.
  • It can be compared with the card game Mao, which also has secret rules that can be learned inductively.
  • Inductively, this process can be repeated as much as one wants without ever constructing a heap.
  • Only through previous observation can it be predicted, inductively, what will actually happen with the balls.
  • They usually reason inductively from several examples, but cannot yet reason deductively because they do not understand how the properties of shapes are related.
  • Man's mind works spontaneously both inductively and deductively, and hence the possibility of control of these operations later. Cited from How to Teach, by George Drayton Strayer and Naomi Norsworthy
  • Away from the singular points, the identification can be described inductively.
  • The rank of a well-founded set is defined inductively as the smallest ordinal number greater than the ranks of all members of the set.
  • The cautious, tongue-in-cheek question of the female character works inductively.
  • Since actions are defined inductively, so is the function h, known as the order of the hierarchical complexity.
  • The goal is to inductively generate theoretical generalizations about human processes that hold across individual participants.
  • But the subconscious has one great limitation, it cannot reason inductively. Cited from Outwitting Our Nerves, by Josephine A. Jackson and Helen M. Salisbury
  • Let us see whether we can lead them to "develop" the rule instead of learning it out of the text; that is, we will proceed inductively. Cited from The Recitation, by George Herbert Betts
  • The sphere being charged to a high potential, it acts inductively upon the surrounding air, or whatever gaseous medium there might be. Cited from Experiments with Alternate Currents..., by Nikola Tesla
  • The apparatus is placed in a distant room to prevent the sound being heard here, as I wish to make it inductively audible to you. Cited from Scientific American Supplement, Vol. 16, No. 417
  • The free and bound variables of a formula are defined inductively as follows.
  • Standard translation is defined inductively on the structure of the formula.
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