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  • He retired from active public life after that due to indifferent health.
  • The film received indifferent reviews and did poor business at the box office upon release.
  • An indifferent act is any action that is neither good nor evil.
  • During this period, some of the national teams were indifferent to the tournament.
  • She replied that she was indifferent when he asked if she still loved him.
  • He is indifferent toward his wife, dedicated only to his work.
  • Although she later attended university, she was an indifferent student, and did not graduate.
  • He has laid off many of them, apparently indifferent to their resulting poverty.
  • Not a single record company showed up, and the audience was indifferent to the band.
  • After some indifferent performances he has admitted that his form has dipped since last season.
  • Hill was short, like all her family, and indifferent to fashion.
  • Though indifferent to general literature, he had some taste in the fine arts, especially architecture.
  • After an indifferent start to their first season results improved over the second half and the team finished in fifth position.
  • He was an indifferent, sullen student who showed no interest in after-school activities.
  • Daniel is indifferent to him at first, but eventually they become friends.
  • She is indifferent to his departure, but he gives her money to go to a concert.
  • She divorced him because she claimed he was indifferent and not interested in being married.
  • However, he does not care, he is indifferent to them.
  • However she finds herself unable to understand him and his indifferent behavior to many aspects of modern life.
  • Results continued to remain indifferent though and the side eventually finished 12th.
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