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  • The album received much more attention in the indie-rock community than the debut.
  • They left their label after only one album but continue to record as an indie band.
  • The band also has even been involved with playing indie rock.
  • Despite their career-long association with a major record label, they are generally associated with indie rock.
  • And we knew what would happen if we signed to an indie label.
  • Eventually, the region would be broken up into a series of Indies.
  • We were an independent company and we were as indie as the other bands around us.
  • She conducted operations along the east coast and in the West Indies until late summer.
  • She then played the title character in the indie film London.
  • Some species are found as far north as Mexico and the West Indies.
  • Popular indie music has been featured on the show, and various artists have guest-starred.
  • The band had just finished recording an indie CD that they were going to release themselves.
  • There is also a strong indie music scene present in New Zealand.
  • It still exists to some extent in indie bands and left-of-centre music.
  • New York City has long been one of the leading centers of the indie rock movement.
  • The album contains elements of rock, country and indie rock.
  • They became the first Belgian indie act ever to sign to a major international label.
  • This is now be a club night spread over all three academy rooms, playing a variety of indie/pop music.
  • So Serious is the second album by indie rock band The Like Young.
  • My Little Airport, a local indie band, made a song about it.
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Meaning of indie

  • noun A pop group not affiliated with a major record company
  • noun An independent film company not associated with an established studio