independent audit

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  • He offered to pay for an independent audit of the books of the railway.
  • The run on the bank ceased when an independent audit proved all accounts were in order.
  • Ferguson also helped lead the effort for an independent audit of the county's election office.
  • Management practices have been deemed effective in years past in independent audits.
  • The orders also agreed to an independent audit of their assets, so that their ability to pay further compensation can be determined.
  • The form of organization of the trusteeship has been one which does not provide for independent audit and supervision. Cited from American Indian stories, by Zitkala-Sa
  • An independent Audit Commission was set up to audit the accounts of all central and local offices.
  • An independent audit commissioned by the group found no irregularities in its tax payments.
  • The religious institutes also agreed to an independent audit of their assets, so that their ability to pay further compensation can be determined.
  • For one thing, the impact factor might not be consistently reproduced in an independent audit.
  • Annual independent audits are performed to ensure certain carriers are not improperly cross subsidizing their services.
  • Green waste is often collected in municipal curbside collection schemes or through private waste management contractor businesses and subject to independent audit.
  • This included independent audits, town hall meetings, online chats with White and other management officials, and improved signage in stations.
  • Thomson denied any wrongdoing and stated that an independent audit had not identified any inappropriate use of the card.
  • This mandatory HACCP-based program includes a requirement for independent audits of feed mills including production processes and record keeping.
  • A formal international investigative agency then conducts an independent audit of each final applicant, visiting each program site and examining the organization serving children.
  • Plans which contain over one-hundred participants must perform an independent audit each year, necessitating yearly coordination with representatives of a public accounting firm.
  • Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker joined state and city officials in calling for an independent audit of Milwaukee police crime data.
  • The company denied that it was sending the messages to entice users to pay for membership and has commissioned an independent audit into its operation.
  • The gold listed for each of the countries in the table may not be physically stored in the country listed, as central banks generally have not allowed independent audits of their reserves.
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