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  • These women were indentured for many years before they could pay off their passage over.
  • Some indentured servants paid off their passage and eventually owned land of their own.
  • The children were generally indentured, rather than adopted, to families who took them in.
  • Each indentured person would serve for six years to pay for the passage from England.
  • He then completed a few years of indentured service and moved South to find some land of his own.
  • They were taken away for their own safety and indentured to European-American families.
  • The term may also describe colonial residents who indentured themselves or their relations.
  • Large numbers of young men and women came alone, as indentured servants.
  • These indentured servants were young people who intended to become permanent residents.
  • If the mother failed to pay the fine within a month of birth, she was indentured herself for five years.
  • Women, indentured servants and children were neither allowed at the meetings nor given any political power.
  • Upon the death of his father, his mother being too poor to support him, he thus became an indentured servant.
  • World War I also led to the end of East Indian indentured service.
  • At this time, many indentured servants came to this area of the state.
  • Some indentured servants were also leaving to start their own farms as land was widely available.
  • Under the new law, former slaves were to remain indentured for a maximum period of three years.
  • It provided that no indentured servant should be sold into another government without the approval of at least one justice. Cited from History of the Negro Race, Vol 1, by George W. Williams
  • Each family would receive free land based on the number of people that it brought over, including indentured servants and slaves.
  • Although he is not known to have owned slaves for personal use, he did have indentured servants in his house.
  • One is the son of a very wealthy man while the other is an indentured servant.
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Root form of indentured is indenture for the verb.

Meaning of indentured

  • verb Bind by or as if by indentures, as of an apprentice or servant
    an indentured servant